My niece Natalie is very poor in her math. We have tried several Math Tutors to give her some tuition. Look like she is still not interested in this subject. Uncle Sam came over to our house one day and recommended to enroll her in SCORE. She is now keen in this subject and enjoying it very much. She don’t find in difficult and complicated to solve the questions given to her. In fact, she is having fun solving it. She is now treating it as a puzzle because once understood the principles, she enjoyed it so much. All thanks to the tutors at SCORE. Their experience tutors has given my niece the guidance and support she needed. My niece solving skills has improved tremendously thru SCORE! Call now at 1-866-65-SCORE and register. You may save $100 when you enroll June 30th.

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I’ve come across a number of online tutoring websites (e.g.,,,, etc.). Has anyone prepared a comparison of the various companies (pricing, quality, etc.)?

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