My VMI Card Update

In my earlier post, I mentioned I tried to transfer small amout from my Paypal account to my Virtual Money Debit card a/c see it works a not. It seems that it works fine!!! On June 23 I testing transferred USD11.96 from my paypal to my Virtual Money. When I signed into my today to see if got anything happens anot. To my surprised it has been credited. (But kena deducted USD2 for eletronic transfer fees). Here is the online statement from Virtual Money.

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So syiok to see the word status VERIFIED there. I think I can transfer larger amount in there without any problem now. I suggest you try to transfer small amount first lah so that Paypal will not be suspicious of anything with your a/c. I think if your transfer large amount without verified, paypal will ask for your verification like Bank statement, Utility Bill etc. (I think they kena fraud before)

Instructed paypal to transfer money. (click to enlarge)

When making electronic transfer in Paypal, you will input the following field. (Your Vitrual Money Debit Card has 16 digits number)

a. Bank name: Southwesk Bank

b. Routing Number: 111900756

c. Account Number: 8 + the last 9 digit of your Virtual Money Debit Card number.

(Example: If your card number is 6278 9510 1234 5678)

The number you should insert in should be 8012345678 (pls note: no space)

and It is IMPORTANT that you register this Virtual Money account as "Checking" and not savings.

Having done that, Paypal will email you that you have successfully added a US Bank A/c. Looked liddis wan.

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I hope this information will be useful to you and hope other Malaysian blogger who want to withdraw from paypal can also get it verified also lah. Brader Ahpek, I hope you can try to transfer money again. No harm trying another time wor, brader AhPek. FLsam and Mott, I updated this info for you ledi. Wokeh set! Sau Kung!!!!

15 Aces:

babyfiona said...

transfer 11++ and rugi 2 usd -__-"
really pengsan ler

Yinsi Yat said...

[babyfiona], testing mah!!! my agent advise me do liddat geh.

day-dreamer said...

Wah... really can belanja liao wor!! Hahahaha!!

My masak-masak how to belanja big boss like you? Memalukan only.

FL Sam said...

Bradder. Transfer more so that we all can go jolly and makan. Have a small celeb.
You must now try to withdraw from ATM Card but u kena USD5 fee for each transaction.

FL Sam said...

My Paypal oso verified after I update with my credit card details. :)

Huei said...

wah hmm..have paypal transfered the 2 testing amount yet??

i used credit card to get verified as a msian..but..i haven verify the us bank account wor >.<

Yinsi Yat said...

[day-dreamer], can lar..your masak-masak look drooling lidat wan espeacially the kuih muih! wakakaka

[flsam], OMG! USD5 for ATM withdrawals? You kidding me ?

Yinsi Yat said...

[huei], not liddat can adi ka? still got to verified lagi? aiyoyo!

Anonymous said...

Aceone, can you try to help me out with these few questions please?

Well, when you apply for the VMI card, is a utility bill needed?

Which ATM you can withdraw money using the card?

Chemical Apple said...

My paypal cant verify coz i dont have credit card ma... wth i'm 19 where got credit card..
anyway i'm staying away from my parents and i doubt they'd give me a supplementary card (scared i buy online porn wakaka)..
all hangus lor..bye bye $$

Jason Leingod said...

fuyoh, ace sudah advance in money making and money withdrawing... XD

Weird Dan said...

VMI card thing, You see see whether when withdraw need USD5 or not?
If need I won't bother transferring yet

Yinsi Yat said...

[Yee piao], I oledi message you in your "contact me"!!! kekeke

[Blueapple], aisaymam! I'm sorry to here that.

[Itchitaka}, oi! itu compliments ka apa? wakakakakaa!!

[Daniel], withdrawals sure kena charges wan lah! I'll check the correct fees again.

Anonymous said...

hmm..thanks ah. Really appreciate your speedy update!

Right now..the only thing that's holding me back is the charges. There seems to be quite alot of it.


kyh said...

aiyo i still pening. b4 this, how u gys withdraw money from paypal one?

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