Diamonds are woman best friends. They are commonly judged by their “four Cs” which is carat, clarity, color and cut. I’m currently looking for diamond earrings for my sister’s birthday. I got it in one search on the internet. At Penn Diamond Exchange, they have 25 years experience in this industry and are the pioneer in making diamonds. They are also very well known for their fabulous prices. Their prices are at wholesale price compared to other competitors pricing which is at selling price. I have selected this for my sister birthday.

The earrings consist of two brilliant round diamonds that have a total diamond weight of 2.00 to 2.05CT. The diamonds are D-F color, SI3/I1 clarity, and would be considered ideal cut in the jewelry trade. The diamonds are totally natural and have not been enhanced in any way. Priced at $2,245.00, I am getting this one for sure. At Penn Diamond Exchange there are offering so many choices of diamonds ranging from diamond engagement rings, diamond eternity bands, diamond stud earrings, diamond tennis bracelets and so much more. If you do not find any diamonds that suits you, they are more than happy to create one for you. They do cater for custom made diamond too. That is not all; they also deliver it right to your door step. I am sure I have made the right choice.

3 Aces: said...

Ish, gua lambat, ter-missed. Kehkehkeh.

pearly said...

hi I saw this at swetpea blog she also full in love with this earring .
very nice la .by the way I wish to be your sister la , a big bro so kind one for a birthday present give a diamond cal I call you big bro too hahahhaha

FL Sam said...

Rich people only can afford to buy diamond.U must be one of them. Wakakaka

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