Make full use of this summer holidays break by sending your kids to sharpen their skills or make intense academic progress at SCORE! Summer Program. Most of their programs combine fun with academic progress. By the time school reopens, your kids will start with confidence.

The programs like SCORE!more, SCORE!30, SCORE!’s Personal Academic Tutoring will benefit your child in making significant academic improvement, work best for families who are on the go with 30 one hour session at your convenience, help you kids catch up or go ahead respectively. Beside this, they also offer other programs too.

You can save $100 if you enroll by June 30th. Make that call now at 1-866-65-SCORE and reserve a spot for your kids

2 Aces:

Cocka Doodle said...

Send your kids to me better...
I teach them sex education..the real thing wan...what they don't teach in school.

sun, moon & star said...

Too late .... school starting next week jor.

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