Improve your england !!

AhBeng hasn't got a job for several months already. He is so
desperate to find a job to pay for his expenses. So one day,
while he was hunting for a job he accidentally bumped into his
old classmate and chatted for a while:-

AhBeng : Yescuse me!! are you Chee Sin? Leh Chee Sin?

Ah Sin : Errrr.. you are..

AhBeng : I'm AhBeng la, your old classmate from Cock skool.
Oops..Soli soli..from KokCrane skool.

Ah Sin : Oh ya!! I remember you. You're the one who is always
late for school.

AhBeng : Yaya..itu me la !!

Ah Sin : How are you? What are you doing now??

AhBeng: Me doing no fine la AhSin. I'm kambing to town to look
for a job. Eh... ada any "vacancy' to rekomen ar?

Ah Sin: Actually, I know a friend of mine his company is looking
for a coast guard officer. The job is very easy..just monitor the
in coming and out going ships. And report to your superior.
Do you have any experience in shipping line? Your English also
must be good....

AhBeng: Oh..tat's no plobem wan. Last time I oso got work in
MISC wan. My Yinglish OK wan...sure gao gao wan.

Ah Sin: That's Great!! Okay then..I'll call up my friend and
let you have that job.

AhBeng: Tenkiu.. Tenkiu

AhBeng finally got that job . After introducing AhBeng to the
other colleagues, his superior bring him to his work place and
said " Its all yours" then left.

A short while later AhBeng received a MAY DAY call that a ship is sinking!!

To continue with the watch this video la.

(Latest up date): sorry, the earlier video from you all complaint kenot load. Here is another one from youtube. hehehe

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13 Aces:

ah nel said...

cipetttt!!!i don understand england n i cant read chainis...explain please...

Huei said...

sei lar!!! i wait so long edi the video dun wana load!! >.<

FL Sam said...

Lol. Nice one. :)

pisang goreng 115,NF said...

i know this joke la ace

_butt said...

LOL!!! so farnieee!!! thinking pulak. :P

Rabbit said...

I waited so long for the video to load, but failed. =(

Yinsi Yat said...

[Cipetnel], go take england and chainis course la! wakakaka

[Huei], aiyoyo! kenot load?

[flsam], chun lah!

[Pisang], Shhhhh!!!

[Butt], Hooray! at least someone can load the video!

[Lehbit], try again lar

Anonymous said...


tenkiu ah ace...zis one make my heazache go azay....

Yinsi Yat said...

[Mott], No problem. kekeke

Huei said...

i tink i better try in the tube pun tak boleh! stim x so potong stim!!!

Huei said...

can liao can liao!!


whats r u sinking about?

Sweetpea said...

laidis oso kan??

Yinsi Yat said...

[Huei], finally you managed to load it..Hooray!! kakaka

[Sweetpea], liddis can lar!

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