Another M&M Chocolate Story

When Ahbeng got sacked from his previous job as a door to door vacuum salesman, he managed to find a job as a tourist bus driver. One day, ahbeng was assigned to drive a tour bus with load of seniors to tour around Kuala Lumpur. As he was driving along the highway, the first little old lady tappped on ahbeng shoulder and she offered him a handful of peanuts.

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Ahbeng gratefully munches up those peanuts and said thanks and he continued to drive to his destination. After about 15 minutes later, the 2nd old lady taps on his shoulder and she hands him another handful of peanuts followed by the rest of the other old ladies.

When she is about to hand him another batch again, ahbeng asks the little old lady why don't she eat the peanuts herself. All of them replied simultaneously " we can't chem them because we've got no teeth! Ahbeng puzzled ledi and asked them why they bought them when they can't chew it.


To which all the old ladies replied, "We just love the chocolate around them"


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