The Blind Man

Wow! so fast today is Friday!! It has been a busy whole week and I didn't got the chance to blog hop more. There are so many blogs to read till I dropped! Wakakaka! too tired itelyu! How nice if every day is a friday. kekeke.

Nothing much to write these days and the PPP opportunities are getting lesser and lesser. I wonder what happened. Just a short simple jokes I like to share with you today.


One day, Ahlian came back from her afternoon shift and it is damn hot day. She went straight to the toilet to take a cool shower. (naked, of course) when suddenly she hears a knock at the door.

Halo! - Halo!!! anybody home ? Can I come in? a male voice shout from the outside.

Who is it? Ahlian answered to the call lah!!! still completely naked wan that time.

Ohh!!!!, I am the blind man!!! says the voice on the other side of the door.

Ahlian gets out of the bath and after some consideration, opens the door, thinking, Well, he's blind anyway kenot see her being naked.

Fuiyoh! "chun la liddat" ,the man comes in the bathroom, takes a good look at Ahlian mia chun body and says, you have got great "nen-nen" and your forest are very well kept! Okay, Now where would you like me to hang the blinds?


7 Aces:

day-dreamer said...


Have a happy weekend!

pisang goreng 115,NF said...

ace U sure this trick can work anot?

Anonymous said...

unexpected twist ending hahahhaha

Yinsi Yat said...

[day-dreamer], happy weekend to you too! kekeke

[pisang], you try ledi let me know ya!

[beng-beng], wakakaka!!!

Huei said...


ahlian no towel ka?

Horny Ang Moh said...

'your forest are very well kept'. Ha! Ha! True. Some ladies never look after their forest! Have a nice day.

Yinsi Yat said...

[Huei], got towel lah but ahlian tot he is blind ma!! wakaka

[Hor ny ang moh], your forest well trim anot? wakakaka

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