Can you count?

Ahlian's son had the habit of 'shaking' his legs. He likes to do it almost it at the dinner table, sofa, sitting or standing. Ahlian see also "beh tahan" already so she brought her son to see a doctor. At the clinic, the doctor examine his condition and shaked his head. Doctor said that he don't know how to cure her son illness.

This doctor got no clue how to cure ahlian's son. He said that there are so many types of illness, disease, operations he had done and shaking legs he had got no clue. Ahlian very worried already and question the doctor why? what? how? etc....can you name how many types of illness or diseases in this conversation?

If you can count the number of illnesses or diseases mentioned in this conversation, you "memang' terrer la. Did the doctor really said "shaking leg" in his conversation? I heard he said twice. What say you? Wakakakaka!!!!!!!!!!

6 Aces:

day-dreamer said...

Wah... geng!!

This Mak Dau really cute. They talk always like that de. Memang geng!! Hahaha.

AbbyC. said...

wahhh i've seen this for 2764376437 times edi lor... damn yingz okay.. u know whose behind it? anthony wong, sandra ng..
got 1 more bout lunch food. seen before?


Huei said...


i heaerd ngang ngang kiok oso!!!!

Unknown said...

wahahahahahaha!!!!!.... pity that little piggy ..

Winn said...

used to watch mc dull cartoon. that pig! but geram with him!! if i know him in real life i sure 'peng' him

ah nel said...

wat the meaning of all ler?

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