Nice Picture

Every body like to take pictures. I am very sure you have a camera with you anytime if you wanted to snap a few shots. It can be from your hand phone camera or your digital camera. After taking those shots, surely you will look back to see if the picture turn out perfect a not, right? or you like to upload into your PC first. Have you ever wonder when you are taking pictures, there is unwanted images being seen in your photo?

These 6 peoples below are celebrating their achievements by taking a photo just for the album. Oops....wait a minutes, it was 7 peoples actually but the 1st one I can't see her feet. Was is ghost or human?

Suddenly.... I felt cold and the dogs and cats are crying outside! Wind blowing strong !! Better off my PC and go to sleep!!! I don't want that certificate. Don't give me. Bye!!!! Adios!!

7 Aces:

Winn said...

is that u when u long hair that time?

Anonymous said...

aiks! creepy-nya!

Huei said...


*laugh at winns comment* hehehehehhehehhe

Admin said...

Mahai!! Ada Hantu!!!

Yinsi Yat said...

[Winn], maybe it is me in my previous life! wakakaka

[Marsha],hey, long time no see! kekeke

[Huei], wakaka! ah winn so bad wan hor! she always bully me wan.

[Ahpek], Quai arr!!!! cabut!

Horny Ang Moh said...

Woah! Ur camera very good wan! Have a nice day!

Yinsi Yat said...

[Hor ny ang moh], terrer eh!

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