I did join the hockey team during my college years. This is one of my favorite sports during that time. I quit this sport in my second year due to a bad knee injury. However, I still keep in touch reading and watching live hockey games locally and internationally. The site which I normally go to is It is because I can find the latest news in hockey prospect magazine online such as an 2007 nhl organization rankings and 2007 nhl draft and many others.

There are so many different teams which I can read and keep up with what is going on in the team. Furthermore, there is a forum where I can discuss hockey matters with other members online. Usually, we will discuss how to overcome opponent’s strength and tactics among others.

This site is easy to browse through and manage. Each and every page which I click is useful hockey information. Oh yes, I would like to tell readers that every Thursday there is LIVE via their HF Radio where hockey crazy like me get to listen every 9-10 PM EST. It will commence on the August 2nd at 9 pm EST. If you are interested, login to this site.

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