The Lowest Bid Wins

Do you like to receive free gift? If your answer is yes, Bid4Prizes is the right place for you. It is a fun online auction game where you can play to win great prizes. However, there is a little twist in this game whereby the lowest unique bidder wins rather than the unique highest bidder. Funny right? Well, it is a text based reverse-auction game. Playing this game is very simple and easy. To play in this auction sweepstake game, all you need is create an account and start bidding on the various items on display in the website.

Bidding can be made right from the website or through a text messages from your cell phone. There are so many prizes to be won ranging from HDTV’s, Mac books, Apple iPhones, Designer bags SCION XB’s to Cash prizes among others. If you are the lucky lowest bidder, winner you don’t have to pay anything to obtain these prizes.

There are so many great opportunity to win cash price. Do participate in their arcade games too and gain as many points as you possibly could to exchange cool gifts. Every day there is a new winner. You could be the lucky one. Go start bidding.

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