Self declared holiday I didn't go to work. Don't tell boss okay? Where did I go leh? I "diam-diam" took
out my fishing rod and went fishing in Klang. Kekekeke... Went there with one of my friend. Today's outcome not bad...each of us carry 2 fishes home. Me, got one "mah yau" and red snapper.
What else, on the way home, we are looking for a nice restaurant to wollap this fish lah. fact nearby there also got nice restaurant for us to choose from. So, my friend said...any restaurant in Klang cook dishes also nice to eat wan. He said already hungry pulak!

Then I said okay lah, me being not so choosy anything thing will do. We had our lunch there.Beside our "Mah yau" fish , we ordered vege and claypot prawns. Then, I asked the taukeh got Lala fried meehoon anot, Fuiyoh! got lah. Ordered that too. (My all time favorite). Sorry lah..didn't take picture because I didn't bring my camera there. Scenery there also not bad. Near the sea wan. Next time, if you want to follow me go fishing then, you got to skip office ("ponteng") work okay? kekekeke

Oh yar...the food Yummy-Yummy!!!!

5 Aces:

pisang goreng 115,NF said...

i though you go fish for piao mei tim

Huei said...

hor! tsk tsk tsk..y no declare holiday for me??? hmph!!! =P

Horny Ang Moh said...

U catch any land fish or not?? Have a nice day!

backStreetGluttons said...

aiyo how can ? kanot lah nex time no camera , lidat how v tell our g/f go fishing one ?

Jason Leingod said...

It's good to take a leave on ur own sometimes and enjoy nature... but dont do it too often wor! lol

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