Ahbeng the vacuum salesman

Ahbeng is a door to door vacuum cleaner salesman. Nowadays, earning a living is quite difficult for him because he has not been hitting his sales target for a couple of months already. His sales manager very "tulan" already because he got to answer to the directors. He told ahbeng to back-up or else there will be a letter waiting for him.

Ahbeng suspected something is wrong and told himself that this month he must hit target if not there is a termination waiting for him. As usual, ahbeng left his office very early looking for sales to come in. He tried his luck at a new housing territory. Ahbeng knocks on the door and a real mean tough looking lady with a cigarettes in her mouth opens the door.

Before the lady has a chance to say anything, ahbeng runs inside the house and dumps cow dang patties all over the carpet and says.....lady, if this vacumn cleaner doesn't do wonder cleaning it up, I'll eat every chunk of it!!! Allow me to do a Free demo for you.

The lady then turn to ahbeng with a smirk face and ask ahbeng, Hello mr salesman, do you want to add ketchup on that??!!!!

Aiks!! Ahbeng scratch-scratch his head in confusion why ketchup got to do with his demontrations and ask the lady in a hurry.

The lady said.... We just moved in and we haven't got the electricity connected yet. So now mr salesman...when you wan to start eating the cow dang!!!!!!!! Muahahaha


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