The 3 wishes

One upon a time deep in a great forest there was a magical frog resting on a tree branch. This forest was so big that the frog had never seen another kind of animal in it's life before. By chance today a horny bear was chasing a rabbit to have for its dinner.

The magical frog saw both of them and called for the two to stop. Come here...come here!! both of you. The magical frog said seeing as you are the only two animals I have seen so far I'm very happy today, I will grant you each three wishes. The magical frog tells the horny bear you first" the horny bear thought for a minute, being the male that he was.. he said "i wish for all the bears except me to be female bears"

The magical frog says: Your wish is granted.

The rabbit wished for a crash helmet. When rabbit got her helmet she was so happy and immediately put it on. The horny bear thought to himself 'stupid rabbit why is she wasting her wishes' and ask for a helmet instead!!

Both your wishes are granted!! says the magical frog.

It was the horny bears 2nd wish... "well i wish all the bears in the next forest were female bears" followed by the rabbit wished for a motorcycle. The bear was stunned as to 'why didn't the rabbit wish for money to buy a motorbike instead'

Magical frog says again, your wishes are granted!! Now, this is your last wish. Please be wise by making your choice.

It was the horny bears last wish.... "ok i wish for all the bears in the world except me were female bears" the rabbit laughed and starts the motorbike engine then said last wish is....

"I wish the horny bear was a gay"!!!!!!!

Magical frog: Your wish is granted!!!

Rabbit speed off with her motorbike...adios!!


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