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Travelling can be a daunting experience when you don’t have a plan. Sure, impromptu visits to some exciting spots are fun, but to be without an accommodation, it can be a tad disastrous, especially when you are travelling as a family.

All the more you need to be prepared, and plan your travel to the most miniscule detail, if you are visiting a foreign country, such as Berlin or Vienna. Visit the glorious museums and theatres in modern Germany. Walk in the woods of Austria; indulge yourself at great wine taverns, renowned orchestras and angelic choirboys in romantic Vienna. But the bottom line is, plan your stay.

You may find the busiest time for both places may be between May and September, which is the best time to visit, and all the more reason you should book your hotel in advance. Hotels in Berlin can be booked at amazing rates at

For as low as EUR60 you will get a very comfortable 4star hotel accommodation. Hotels in Vienna may be a little more expensive, but if you check their site often enough, you may be lucky to get their amazing last minute deals, plus assistance in car rentals as well as group discounts.

There are sites published in German language. Please click and the other one is you may find it in Hotel In Vienna.

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