Everything is "DOWN" !!


I was unable to login into my blogspot.com account last night. I wondered what had happened. Moreover, as usual the "stim-mex" line is damn 9 slow can die! I tried to twist and turn also cannot login to blogger. MSN down, Yahoo also down...mafulatt!!! I only managed to sign-in at 6.3o am today as I woke up for work. Just try my luck to see if blogspot is still down, pressed here and there...Aiks!!! Hooray!! It is back to normal already! Hahaha...got to take shower now and head for work, see ya later!

P/S: Hope when I come back later in the afternoon it is not down again or else....hehehe!!!

7 Aces:

clement said...

i tot it's only me with such prob.... but it's for a few hours only i think

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Luckly ur 'bro' is still up! Ok I look forward to more of ur entries!

Huei said...

POTONG STIM-x!!!!!!!

phewf! i tot my PC got problem ytd!

Nastasshea@Nesh said...

Hahahaha!!! OMG the icon there SO DARN FUNNY! The fella use computer until he killed himself! Hahaha@ bang head somore!

Hehehahah too funny!

spookygrace said...

I tot my router ngam ngam repair one got problem..ruparupa evlione oso kena.. :P

Ichitaka Leingod said...

always like this one... streamyx got 'season' then will be damn teruk the connection... >(

AceOne118 said...

[Clement], I think all also kena lah! hahahaha!!!!!!!!!

[Hot ny ang moh], my bro everi morning up wan geh!! kekeke

[Huei], nothing wrong with your PC. That day blogger.com is down la.

[Nesh], hahaha

[Spookygrace], ya lah, your router spoilt ledi la...come give me I throw it for you. hehehe

[Itchitaka], Biasa-lah stim-mex always sucks wan.

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