Failed Maths

Ahbeng's son came home from school crying and tells his father, Oh! dad...I got an F in math today.

Ahbeng: Son what happened? you are good in maths wan.

Son: It's liddis wan... my teacher asked me, What's 3 times 2', and I said 6.!!

Ahbeng: Well son, that is the correct answer.

Son: Dad, I know. Then she asked me, What is 2 times 3.'"

Ahbeng: What the f**k is the difference?"

Son: Dad! That's what I said and I got an F in my math!!!!

Ahbeng:vomit blood!

6 Aces:

spookygrace said...

F for F***.. kekeke ...


Huei said...



Rabbit said...

eh that emoticon macam bukan vomit blood wor! Macam vee vee leh! but how come vee vee pancut from 2 holes mia?


Ichitaka Leingod said...

This shows that we should not F*** so much, lol...

AceOne118 said...

[spookygrace], the F word got lots of meaning wan hor! wakakaka

[Huei], pengsan? Oi! faster bring minyak cap kapak rub-rub for this cili padi!! kekeke

[Lehbit], no lah, that wan is vomit blood nia. See nicely! hehehe

[Inchitaka], what kind if F*** do you mean? F for fail or F for Fcuk? kakaka

clement said...

is that wrong? he makes perfect sense, stupid teachers

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