Giant Lobsters

Having shown you picture of giant squid yesterday, today I wanna post pictures about giant lobster. Some of them called it Clawed Lobster. They can change in color whenever they danger ahead of them. Divers find it difficult to locate them because they are very good in camouflage. It might look like a rock but in fact it is a lobster. This is the best seafood one will ever have.


Lobster is best eaten fresh, and they are normally purchased live. Lobsters are usually shipped and sold with their claws banded to prevent them from injuring. I believe most of the restaurant owners will keep in a tank for patron to pick their own lobster.


If the lobster is to be boiled or steamed, most cooks place the live lobster into the pot. If the lobster is to be fried, grilled or baked it is best not to boil the lobster before further cooking. Freezing the lobster may toughen the meat. This coming Saturday....Eden, here I come!!!! Wakakakaka!!!!!

2 Aces:

Sue said...

heavenly if i get to eat the gigantic lobster

fatty cafe said...

come too i will ! hahaha

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