Shop Smart, SHOPwiki

Online shopping, e-stores. Dime in a dozen in today’s electrical web.

So what makes each e-store so special from the rest? How can consumers find the appropriate site to buy what they want?

Many of us will rely on shopping search engines. Needless to say, the options to click on any search engine is too, in abundance. Here, I would like to talk about Shopwiki, a relatively new search engine founded in 2005, and the only shopping search engine that combines advanced Web-crawling technology with consumer-written wiki buying guides. In layman’s term, it gives you detailed information on the products you want to buy.

Take Electronics for instance. They have an extensive directory on personal audios, videos, mobile communications, home theatre systems and televisions, digital cameras, photography to general home electronics. Check out their Personal Audio and Video page. There is no shortage of iPods and its accessories, MP3 players, portable CDs and DVD players and even batteries.

Home Theater and Cameras and Photography, you can get practically anything under one roof, so to speak. With their directory listings from Arts and Crafts to Weddings, you may shop with confidence with Shopwiki’s Certified Price Leader, i.e. stores that are certified by Shopwiki by meeting two or more of their stringent positive requirements.

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