Adopt a dog !!

Last week when the local authority ie... Majlis Perbandaran Selayang organized a stray dog hunting competition and giving out RM15,000 grand prize money for the top catcher. There goes another of my tax payer money!!! As a responsible citizen and also animal lover, I have completed my mission and rescued many of the dogs captured!! Many of the dogs are happy now. They thank me by licking my screen here!

I find this contest is totally animal cruelty! I protest!!!! At first, I thought China is the culprit in animal abused of dogs and cats. (Other animal cruelty you can see it in my other blog). Now it is done is Malaysia. Now I got a problem, anyone want to adopt dogs?

3 Aces:

Huei said...

niama! dem tulan when i heard this! seriously's insane! thank god it's cancelled edi!

only stupid mar chans will think of stuffs like this! >.<

AceOne118 said...

[Huei], so now you wan to adopt the dogs anot jek?

Winn said...

thanks for saving the dog...
but i cant adopt dogs ....they will die in my hands

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