Ang Moh's son

If you want your child to be successful you got to start them from young. You got to train them, teach them and guide them how to do it so that they'll learn to pick-up the skills you thought them. By the time they are are old enough to know they have picked up this special skills from you do you think they will come back and thank you some day?

This "ang moh" papa surely one hell of a good dad! Liddat, Ahbeng's son also "kalah" lah. LOL


Dad! I prefer Malboro!


Mum, I'll have my milk later. There are better one here!

4 Aces:

Ichitaka Leingod said...

wa... then I need to throw my old habits away so my children won't be like that la! lol

spookygrace said...

wah, ur son kah??? kekeke... got such father, then got such son lar... kakakaka

Huei said...


was that how ur parents train u? =P

AceOne118 said...

[Itchitaka], dun throw! That wan sure got perfect 10 wan.!

[Spookygrace], yalor..I son "ang moh" hor!!!! wakakakakaka

[Huei], actually hor, I learned it myself wan geh~ kekeke

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