The Extra Ordinary

Most animals like tigers, lions, elephants etc... they do have a tail at the back. But have you see before that a man have an extra dick tail at his back side? If you expect to get extra pleasure from this extra dick tail you'll be disappointed because it won't get an erection. This extra ordinary man from Japan have this special dick tail. Still don't believe me this man has a tail? Watch the video lah. Woah! if god make man have an extra "@#$%" at front and back, do you think the girls with will be delighted? Kekeke The lady in the video seem so "amazed" with his tail tim.

See! I no bluff you wan!! If you have an extra dick tail, then show la!! Any one have longer than this 6 inches? I don't have hor!!! wakakakaka!!!

1 Aces:

clement said...

wah... i can't understand Japaneses, is he the WW2 victim of mutant?

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