Our Coming Vacation

My wife and I have been to lots of places. It is because both of us love traveling so much that we decided to take another round of vacation this coming September 15. This time round, we have chosen Barcelona and Madrid, Spain because last time when we are here, it was a short company trip and we didn’t have the time to explore these 2 places. We like to go back to the Hotels in Madrid mainly because of their excellent service and benefits. The accommodation here is excellent.

Madrid is the capital of Spain. This place is full of history and it is worth exploring for its cultural and heritage legacy. Strategically located at the central of Iberian peninsular which is 646 metres above sea level. Places of interest are Madrid Royal Palace, Madrid Opera In, the 17th century great monument of Madrid de los Austrias and many more. I really missed the Spanish food “vieja” (parrotfish) in Canary Island.

While my wife was making booking for Hotels in Barcelona, she got it all mixed up with Hoteles en Barcelona because of language problem. Nevertheless, with their experience and friendly hotel staffs she got it all settled. I can’t believe she got that booking and she got it cheap too! She got the City Park Pelayo hotel for only EUR 136. This is absolutely great news. With their lowest rates guaranteed and pay on arrival I believe CheaperthanHotel.co.uk is amongst one of the most competitive rate to find wherever my wife and I want to travel around the world.

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