Pokeing !!

Wakakaka! today Ahbeng getting horny already like Horny Ang Moh used to do pokeing with his girlfriend every alternate night. So the story start like this....

Ahbeng and Ahlian were in thier bed ready to make love, then suddenly their four year old boy walked in the room and asked daddy if he can ride on his back, Ahbeng of course say a big "NO", (potong stim saja) when ahlian told her husband it's OK honey our boi boy doesn't know what's going on, so ahbeng reluctantly agreed. As they got in to the throws of passion and ahlian started moaning and breathing heavy then the little boy said, Daddy you better hold on.... yesterday when mommy did that and the Milkman can't stand it and almost hit the floor.


1 Aces:

Huei said...

and the aftermath??? kekakekakakakkaa

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