Spurs Manager in Hot Soup

Tottenham Hotspur team manager Martin Jol is in hot soup again getting all the heat from the fans and from his top management. Last Saturday, another home 3-1 defeat to north London side Arsenal has left the top management wondering if they really should have sack Martin Jol. Enough is enough! according to my source in London that the Spurs Manager will be given another six games to prove himself to turn things around in the league and progress them in the Carling Cup and UEFA Cup or else he will face the music.

Currently, lying in fourth (from the bottom) with only 4 points in 6 games, I don't think Spurs can make any significant progress in the coming weeks. Perhaps, they can battle it out in their next game at the bottom half next week with Bolton Wonderer. Good luck to you Martin Jol!

2 Aces:

team bsg said...

neber mind, if sacked oso can run a hot soup restaurant near the tube

Huei said...

wah! i think he better jao lou!!

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