What wordpress upgrade?

I have read many bloggers have updated their wordpress 2.3 version and they recommended to upgrade it. Me, being a useless barger I don't how to do it. I scare to touch the wordpress plugins worrying for the worst that my whole blog is gone if I accidentally enter the wrong button.

If I didn't upgrade it, what will happen? Will I miss a lots of other features from my present one? How to see what version I'm using now? Wakakaka!! Any sifu/gurus out there care to share some of your opinions?

In actual fact, I still prefer to use features from blogger.com, maybe I used to it already. I find it simple and easy to use. However I find that wordpress is more complicated especially the codes/html etc. kekeke

2 Aces:

Huei said...

i prefer blogger oso..easier to use..but wordpress kasi so many functions...like password protected posts!!

AceOne118 said...

[Huei], I agreed 100%. Kekeke

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