Unwanted visitor pay visit to AhBeng

When you wanna rush out for work early in the morning and your car cannot starts or get it get too heavy too move. What would you do? Many of us I'm sure will open up the front car bonnet to check what the hell is going on, right? What would you do if you find this inside your cold engine? Hahaha...check it out! AhBeng has this problem to solve!

AhBeng mia car.

His long lost friend come to pay him a visit last nite, but the door is locked.

So his friend spent the night in his car.

Ahbeng called for help! His friend got stucked into the engine.

At last Ahbeng's mia friend got rescue and taken to a safe place for treatment. Ahbeng finally can go to work liao. Ahbeng happy...his friend also happy!!

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