Canon PowerShot A570 IS

I bought a digital camera as a birthday gift for my brother on his 21st birthday. I knew he was eyeing on this Canon PowerShot A570 IS model for quite sometime. Every time we went shopping at the mall, he surely wants to visit the camera shop to have a view on this camera. He was very happy and surprised to have received this camera from me. In fact, I found this Canon PowerShot A570 IS a very good digital camera which has many features to offers and it is a very good buy. This camera lets you capture life’s special moments very perfectly because it is equipped with Image Stabilizer Technology that automatically detects and corrects camera shake even when zoomed way in. In this case you’ll not get blurred shots anymore.

I’m delighted to know that this Canon PowerShot A570 IS also comes with newly improved DIGIC III special features Face Detection AF/AE which can capture multiple faces in the frame and sets the most suitable focus point when the shutter button is pressed halfway. My brother likes to capture moving images like monitor lizard, football game and also athletics running at the track. With the Red-eye correction built in, it will provide a better shots and sharper images.

Other benefit in this digital camera includes the ISO 1600 and High ISO settings, clear high resolution 2.5 inch LCD for easy on camera viewing. With this large LCD screen, it will show a larger images whether shooting or reviewing playback. I’m really surprised with the 7.1 Mega pixel high resolution which offers a crisp, clear picture, make movies and easy to use functions. What more this camera is very much affordable. I’m glad to have got this digital camera for my brother.

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