Do you fear snake?

This is one of the reptile I fear most. I 'm scare to go near to see cobra. I remembered once I was fishing near a mining pond in Batang Berjuntai at night. (yes, it was at night that my friends and I went fishing). I was sitting near the banks concentrating on my fishing line, I attached the bulb to the battery and it was aiming to the fishing line. Once my line move, that's means there is fish taking my bait, all I need to do is to quickly pull my rod back so that the 3 spears hook will hit the fish. Suddenly, I felt something is moving very slowly behind my back. It was this friend below!! wakakaka

Instantly, I knew it was a snake. I kept calm and didn't move at all. Luckily, the snake didn't strike me or else ....hehehe. At last, the snake moved away from me and I quickly ran off to the 4 wheel leaving all my gear behind. 15 minutes later, I went back to the spot to pick up my stuffs and changed place. Fishing at night, especially at the mining pool, you can always see weird-weird things including images you wouldn't want to see. In the end, we got 5 big-big fish. Hahaha

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Trinity said...

Thank you for your comment... yeah I hope I can increase my technorati.. hehe... Are you on the list? The list is so long, I can't find you there! If you haven't done the meme, you may steal it from mine.. hehehe..


Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Where r the fish pic??? Real fish kah?? Not the two legged type?? Have a nice day!

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