Only If life is like a computer

a) If you messed up your life, you could press "Ctrl, Alt, Delete" and start all over!

b) To get your daily exercise, just click on "run"! If you needed a break from life, click on suspend.

c) Hit "any key" to continue life when ready.

d) To get even with the neighbors, turn up the sound blaster.

e) To add/remove someone in your life, click settings and control panel.

f) To improve your appearance, just adjust the display settings.

g) If life gets too noisy, turn off the speakers.

h) When you loose your car keys, click on find.

i) Help" with the chores is just a click away.

j) Auto insurance wouldn't be necessary. You would use your diskette to recover from a crash.

k) And, we could click on "SEND NOW" and a Pizza would be on it's way to you.

2 Aces:

Huei said...

if only u can program life oso!!! hehehe

Ichitaka Leingod said...

Everything wants to be like computer, lol...

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