They put Ahbeng on Lie Machine

There is a bank robbery in town and the police caught 3 suspects. A lie machine is brought into the investigation room. The 3 suspects are Ahbeng, Ah Seng and Ah Hock. The machine work like this one.....If the truth is told- the machine wont give any sound If a lie is told- the machine will give a sound 'KIRRRRRRRR... '

The detective start questioning the suspects one at a time.

Detective: Who is the gang leader?
Ahhock: Ahbeng is the gang leader!
Lie machine: no sound (truth is told)

Ahhock came out from the room and gave Ahbeng a weird look.

Detective: Who is the gang leader?
AhSeng: Ahbeng is the gang leader!
Lie machine:- no sound(truth is told)

AhSeng came out of the room and gave a weird look. Ahbeng suspects something is wrong ledi and try to deny he is the gang leader.

Detective: Both AhHock and AhSeng said you're the gang leader, izzit correct?
AhBeng: Sir...
Lie machine:-'KIRRRRRRRR...'

Ahbeng: Ah Hock is...
Lie machine: "KIRRRRRRRR...'

Ahbeng: Ah Seng is the...
Lie machine:- 'KIRRRRRRRR...'

Ahbeng:-'I think...'
Lie machine:-'KIRRRRRRRR...'.

Ahbeng: Your lie machine is faulty!
Lie machine:-'KIRRRRRRRR...'

Ahbeng: You are framing me!
Lie machine:-''KIRRRRRRRR...'

Ahbeng: Not me lah sir!
Lie machine:-''KIRRRRRRRR...'

Ahbeng: I'm innocent!!!!
Lie machine:-''KIRRRRRRRR...'

Ahbeng: Aiyo~~~!!!
Lie machine:-''KIRRRRRRRR...'

4 Aces:

clement said...


Jason Leingod said...

Aiyo also lie r? haha...

Huei said...

should put on the ahsir

then ahbeng should ask

"sir u wan cofi money onli izit?"

then see the reaction lah! =P

Yinsi Yat said...

[clement], oi, your denture drop ledi!! wakakaka!!

[Ichitaka], lie machine lying? kekeke

[Huei], liddt sure the lie detector sure no sound wan.!!!

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