Wife And Romance

I still remembered when I first started dating during my younger days; it was during my college years. It was love at first sight. I couldn’t take my eyes off her during class sessions. We can only meet twice a week in class. I wasn’t sure what strategies to use to win her heart until I found a website which mentioned “Romance For Everyone” I followed every single tips in this site and I started by sending her free love letter thru the internet. We also chatted in MSN until late in the morning. After some 3 years down the road our relationship blossom further and we finally got married with both our parents blessing.

Friends and relatives when see us, always said that my wife and I are a happy couple. After about a year of marriage, we were blessed with our 1st baby boy. During our anniversaries, I still do give my wife chocolates and take her out for dinner. Last year, we spent our anniversary in Australia.

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