Wrong Change

Last night, me and a friend was having "teh tarik" session. We sat down and ordered our food . We chatted for about an hour. My friend paid the bill and collected the change. When we reach the car, my friend realised that the "mamak" guy had given him the wrong change. The distance between our car and the shop is quite near so we went back to check with the " mamak".

Friend: Mamak! you gave me the wrong change leh!

Mamak: What? you should have counted the change before you left. Who know you already keep the extra change in your pocket and come and claim it from me again! Tarak-tarak! kita tarak layan!!

On seeing the mamak very the "lansi liddat" my friend and I was smiling-lah. kekeke...Actually hor, that "mamak" already given us extra change of $17.40. He forgot the charge us 2 packets of Dunhill cigarrettes. Since the mamak so lansi, my friend didn't give him back the change. What do you think? To give back or not if you encounter this type of situation?



4 Aces:

SiwwyPig said...

I was thought.. if people give you less change you go and demand for the right change.. but if they give you wrong change.. then you quietly walk away in a fast speed so that they don't realize their mistake and call you back.. :P

team bsg said...

why you lucky devils ! sure lah keep the change but dun forgit to call us nex time belanja ( then maybe we osos can get lucky ) !
hahaha wakakkak !

Jasonmumbles said...

LOL. Well, you can give him back and give a good scolding/teasing.

AceOne118 said...

[siwwypig], hehehe..that's what I told my friend....quickly cabut!! hahahaha

team bsg], kekeke! we pocketed the money ledi leh!!

[Jasonmumbles], If we create a scene there hor...sure he enter hospital ledi leh!

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