Kenmore Refrigerators

I remembered when we newly moved into our new double storey house in Desa Park City, we have purchased all our furniture and fittings brand new. All the new designed indoor and outdoor lightings are awesome. It fit into our home nicely and all our friends and relatives happy for my family. Every one in the family is very excited about it. What I need to do now is look for quality long lasting electrical appliances like Refrigerator, 34 inch Plasma Television set, Microwave Owen, Rice cooker, Washing machine and many others for my house.


My uncle who is staying in San Francisco has been using Kenmore Refrigerator for more than 15 years. He told me that all Kenmore Refrigerators are of highest quality and long lasting. He strongly recommended me to purchase this refrigerator. I believed him fully. Now I have to decide whether to buy both 20.6cu.ft. Top freezer refrigerator or 4.6cu.ft Compact refrigerator which is for my private room. I would like to have a nice cool beer while watching football on television.


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