Rugby with love!!

Who said rugby is a game for only big macho brutes of men who like nothing better to do than beat the living daylights out of each other? Yes it has variously been described as:

1) - An awesome game requiring teamwork, fitness and copious amounts of hatred for your fellow humanity.

2) - A fast, skilled, team-oriented game combining the tactical complexity and physical brutality of American football (only without the padding).

3) - The only sport where 15 guys are sent out to beat the shit out of the other 15 guys. Team with the least concussions wins.

But sometimes it has its gentler moments too, when men get in touch with their feelings and display a more tender side. Like in the picture above, which we call 'Rugby Love'. Wakakaka!!!

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2 Aces:

Huei said...


omg that is so obscene!!!!

Horny Ang Moh said...

I wander how that fellow feel laying down!!
Have a nice day!

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