A gorilla job

Danielctw needed a part-time job badly and decides to apply at the Malaysian zoo.

As it happened, their star attraction, a gorilla, had passed away the night before and they had carefully preserved his hide. The zoo management tells Danielctw that they'll pay him well if he would dress up in the gorillas skin and pretend to be the gorilla so the public will keep coming to the zoo. Danielctw needed the money badly and quickly accepted the challenge.


Without hesitation, Danielcts quickly puts on the gorilla skin and jumps into the cage. When the zoo opens at 9.00am, peoples especially the children came in the zoo and are delighted to see the gorilla. Danielctw thinks this isn't a bad job and starts to put on a show ....jumping around, beating his chest, roaring and swinging around.

During one acrobatic attempt, though, Danielctw loses his balance and crashes through some safety netting, landing square in the middle of the lion cage! As he lies there stunned, the LION roars. He's terrified and starts screaming, "Help, Help, Help!" The lion races over to Danielctw....places his paws on Danielctw chest and hisses.

Shut up you stupid!!! I'm not the real Lion. I'm Itchitaka. Don't panic or else BOTH of us loses our jobs!!!!!!!!!!



5 Aces:

Jason Leingod said...

Oh, lucky I'm the lion la, at least... lol

Huei said...

um..still got opening ka?

i wana be the pig..that does not get eaten!

dun nid to perform rite? just eat n sleep?


Yinsi Yat said...

[Itchitaka], so you happy anot being a Lion? kakakaka

[Huei, Malaysian Zoo mana got PIG wan? wakakaka.

Weird Dan said...

U memang sengaja... ish... wait i create another story for you...

Yinsi Yat said...

[Daniel], Hooray! you fehmes ledi. kekekeke

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