Malaysian 12th General Election

Are you a registered voter?

The Election Commission (EC) had decided that Nomination day for candidates to contest in the 12th General Election is on February 24 and we all head out to the respective school to vote on March 8. I'm a registered voter and as far as I know, this is the longest campaign period for all political parties to do their campaign.

Ruling party Barisan National and the Opposition DAP were generally taken by surprised at the longer time period whereby the last Election in 2004 the EC only allow nine days for campaign. I like to see posters war at my place here. Parties from BN and DAP will paste their respective posters at every corner, street light, pole which is avaliable.

My place here is the straight fight between Barisan National and DAP. I'm voting for the Kepong Parlimentary Seat!!! Hooray! Up to now still cannot decide yet which one to vote!!!! wakakakaka.




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