My nephew's English homework

Last night, alter watching television on my favorite CSI tv show, my nephew came and ask me a couple of questions regarding English. I told him English language is an easy subject. He argued that it is not an easy subject. WHY? because he can't solve the fill in the blank with "Yes" or "No" questions. last I got to agreed with him afterall. Here are the questions.

Fill in the blank with Yes or NO.

1) ....................., I don't have a brain.

2) ....................., I don't have sense.

3) ....................., I am stupid.

Dell memory up grade

The Dell laptop computer I bought 2 years ago is giving me some problems. Each time I wanted to watch my favorite downloaded movies, there is a pop out showing memory low warning sign. I need to up grade my laptop computer memory urgently but I wouldn’t know which dell model I’m having until I found it from the memory specialist. They have all kinds of dell memory up-grade I wanted. All I need to do is to check my system in this website. It only takes me 20 seconds to get the info I’m looking for. Next time if you need quality memory up-grade, check them out and I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Am I color blind?

I got this wrong most of the time. My mind is playing tricks on me on this color confusion. Oh goodness gracious me! Am I color blind? Any good soul out there can get it correctly? Say out the color and NOT the word at a steady speed. Muahahaha!!

A gift for a friend.

When I came into the office today, I overheard from one of the ladies that it is Seng Chai’s birthday on Friday. They are discussing on what present to give him. As far as I know, Seng Chai likes to wear boardshorts during the weekends.

I would like to buy him a gift card as present. I know he could get his boardshorts from this website. There are various good quality boardshorts for him to choose from and I certainly hope he like it.

Safety tools

During the summer holidays, my nephew visited me in my home town. I remembered during his younger days I guided him on how to make a kite. All we needed is bamboo, glue, papers and good safety cutters. We had a good time flying the kite by the country side and our relationship is getting better and better. It was a two days trip. We brought along our camping gears and guitar to sing a few beautiful songs. Both of us enjoyed ourselves very much.

The best wrinkle creams

I’m sure it is every woman dream to have radiant, soft and beautiful skins. What middle aged woman fear most nowadays is having wrinkles around their eyes and showing sign of aging where else the younger teen girls normally fear of having pimples and blackheads on their faces.

If the wrinkle cream or anti aging products you’re using right now aren’t showing any results why not try these brands which I found it in the internet. It is an easy to use product and it is a safe treatment technique used to improve and smooth the texture of the facial skin .The dead skin cells on your skin surface will be removed. As far as know, these are the top best wrinkle cream in term of cost, safety and effectiveness. Restore your facial skin to look at its best you always wanted.

Dog named Faith

Human don’t usually give up easily whenever there are failure in life. When one fails, it gives them the courage to strive even better in future. Same goes for this dog named Faith. She was born with deformities and had her front leg removed when she was 7 months old because it was starting to atrophy.

She was a amazing dog. Thanks to the care of her adoptive owners, Faith managed to survive and learned to move by using only her 2 remaining two legs. According to her owners it was a very difficult process, it was also natural. It was a touching feeling.

Be alert my friends

The bandit hits the road again! If you meet a guy who rides a motorbike with bloody hand knocking your window demand you to stop and asking for tissue paper to clean the blood when you are driving, remember not to stop your car at all. They are robbers!

Drive to a spot where there are a lot of people or to the nearest police station. These kind of criminal tactics has been reported in several states in Seremban, Perak, Selangor and now in Kuala Lumpur. These guys are mainly I*d**ns. The main purpose of this dirty tactic is to rob you and even commit rape if you're female.

Be alert and not panic!

My adjustable bed

Martial arts are a form of practices and traditions of training we learned from our forefather. It is passed down from generation to generations. I intend to keep this tradition. Practicing the martial arts surely there is bound to have injuries.

I have been having sleepless night lately due to my backache injury. Definitely I am not going to look at the smaller bed because it is not suitable for me. My parents suggested looking at some adjustable beds because it will helps me find the perfect resting position on my back. I hope that I’ll have a good night sleep from now on.

Electronics appliances

I know a lot of people like to do their shopping online because it saves money and time. I came to know about BUY.COM from a good friend from Singapore. So what makes so special? Needless to say consumers are finding the appropriate site for the best deals to buy what they want and at the lowest price.

Take electronics goods for instance. Every week, they have Weekly Deals for consumers like us to catch up with the latest electronics products such as Portable GPS, Digital photo frames, TVs, Bluetooth products, MP3 players, Digital Cameras, Home Theater, Car stereos and many others. I’m beginning to like what I’m seeing. It gives me detailed information on products I want to buy.

Boy eaten by Crocodile and Python





I'm saddened after watching the following pictures below. Do you still remember the "hot news' about a big crocodile ate a Malay boy while he and his friends are swimming at the river banks sometime back? This crocodile got caught by the villagers and cut open its stomach to take out the body. Later on the crocodile is burnt

Crocodile got caught.

Crocodile tightly fastened to a tree branch.

Giant crocodile!!

Crocodile brought to the river bank.

News spread fast. Villagers gather around at the river bank.

Cutting the crocodile stomach.



Python is a common name for Nonpoisonous snakes of boa and python family. Pythons are large and muscular, and kill their prey by squeezing, or constricting, until it suffocates. Although most feed on small mammals, some large species can kill and swallow small pigs and goats. They are found in the tropical and subtropical regions of Africa, Asia, Australia, and the Pacific islands.

It is learned that there is a group of friends went for a weekend camping trip unfortunately one of them is eaten by a python. OMG! I’m phobia of python snakes and crocodile now. After viewing these pictures, I got to think twice again if I want to go out deep sea fishing in the future. I might be eaten by sharks!


Mortgage Lenders

My parent’s home mortgage payments are about a year to go and my dad is thinking of remodeling the house to get something bigger for the whole family. He said that this is the best time to refinance the house when the interest rates drops in our area. My dad found the best mortgage lenders with the lowest interest rate. Moreover, it is a fix rate. Last time his home mortgage is adjustable rate. With the extra cash, besides renovating our house, he can also consolidate his other expenses

You smells something?

When a woman wears a leather dress,

My heart beats quicker, my throat gets dry,

I goes weak at the knees and I begins to think irrationally.

Ever wonder why?
She smells like a new CAR waiting to be test drive.

Papermate pens

After much complaint to our administration department for purchasing inferior pens from unreliable sources, it is about time to change our supplier. After a short meeting, they finally made a decision to use Papermate pens from PENSRUS for our everyday use. We’re happy with the gel pens, stick pens and retractable pens from papermate. It guarantees us many hours of smooth writings. They came in many colors and it looks stylish too. In the long run, it will save cost and money.

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Isn't this Lexus car awesome? The moment I saw it I fall for it. Hope someday if I got the $$ surely this will be my mine. Let me write down in my diary first! Starting from today perhaps I will buy more lottery tickets. This luxury vehicle usually place more emphasis on comfort, stylish appearance and amenities such as technological and higher quality materials.

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