WaMu Saving Accounts

My friend Jason who was working with a US firm recently got posted to work in the United States for several years by his boss. It was a short notice. I met him at is home and bid farewell to him. We talked for several hours. I advised him to be careful with his passport and money. I told him that there are options for him to choose from if he needs to open savings accounts. At WaMu, he can either open an online savings or statement savings account to keep his money. I wish him well in his future endeavor.

Powerful Air Tools

My grand father was a respected building contractor. He is well known for his skills and good workmanship. He had built and renovated many houses in our state during his younger days. Until today, he kept his garage clean, well organized and a systematic way to keep all his tools and equipments. There are quite a number of air tools on display in his storage cabinets. Some of the tools are air grinders, air hammers, air impact tools, air ratchets and several of them are still brand new.

Which one do you prefer? TV or Hand phone

My buddy says that Wife is like a TV and Girlfriend is like a Hand phone.

While at home we watch TV, and when we go out bring along Hand phone.
No money, sell TV. Got money change Hand phone.
Sometimes enjoy TV, but most of the time play with Hand phone.

In life, if you don't pay the hand phone services will be terminated.
TV is big, bulky and most of the time old, but Hand phone is cute,
slim, curvy and very portable at any time.
Operational cost for TV is often acceptable but for Hand phone is high and often very demanding!

Hygienic medical gloves

I paid a visit to my friend’s medical lab yesterday. There are several people busy doing lab test and most of them are wearing exam gloves while doing the tasks. There are two main types of gloves: exam, and surgical. As far as I know, there are people who are allergy to latex gloves. Another option which they can use is the non latex or nitrile rubber gloves. However, I think they will cost more compared to the latex counterpart.

I'm going on vacation again

One of the things I like to do is to travel. I love traveling. The main idea is to explore and experience new things in different countries about their heritage, cultures, old buildings and many more. I have this kind of interest since I was young. I will be on another vacation again. Currently, I am looking for a good travel guide to assist me. This time round I’m looking forward to travel further from my hometown.

I found out that Sherman's Travel offers quite a number of good destinations for me to discover and explore. There are so many countries for me to choose from A to Z. I believe this is a very well plan trip for me because this website has the entire necessary travel guide information which I needed.

Thomas and Uber Cup Final 2008

China woman’s team clinched the Uber Cup 2008 for the six time in a row. They beat team Indonesia 3-0 in the 11th Uber cup final. Overall, the Chinese team is more superior in term of tactic and stamina. World number one Xie Xingfang laid the foundation for China’s triumph when she outplayed Maria Kristin 21-8 in the first game

In the second game, Lilyana Natsir-Vita Marissa of Indonesia gave the Chinese pair Yang Wei-Zhang Jiewen a bit of fight back. Having lost in the first game 15-21, the Indonesia adopted a more aggressive strategy and fought back 21-19 in the second game.

However, the Indonesia ran out of stamina in the third game when the Chinese pair easily score 11-2 mid way through the games before the Indonesia fought back to 15-14.
However, Yang Wei-Jiewen stayed composed and pulled away to win 21-16 and make it 2-0 for China after a 68-minute battle. It was all over when Lu Lan played against Adriyanti Firdasari in the third game. It was an easy win for the Chinese winning it at 21-12 and 21-10 in half hour battle.

Can the Korean do it in the men Thomas cup final tonight against the Chinese men? Remember to watch it LIVE on astro channel 816 at 7 p.m. tonight.

No more acne

With too many acne products available in the market nowadays, it's hard to know which one is right for you. Haven’t you heard of Acnexus? It is a very promising product. Acnexus is the best acne treatment which is affordable, effective and reliable. It has helps many teenagers and adults in eliminating acne once and for all.

I know you want to have a younger smoother radiant skin that is why I know you'll be happy you let Acnexus work with you to ensure that you're on the right path to success. Don't spend another day trying to figure out which one is right, get Ancexus! You'll be happy you did.

Unique candle fragrances

I will usually lit-up a scented candle when I reach home from work. It is a great way of boosting up my spirits and helping me to relax at the same time. Filling my home with delicious fragrances will also help me dissipate the troubles of the day and stress free.

Sometimes, I would lit-up two candles to try fragrance combination that blend together that would gently caress for my senses. It is also time of the week that I will add more candles in my shopping cart.

Do you drink coconut water?

Yesterday I was with my colleagues in the office when one of them suggested that we go for a cool coconut drink at Kepong Baru. No doubt it was a very hot and humid day. We agreed. Do you know that drinking coconut water is good for you? Coconut Water contains organic compounds possessing healthy growth promoting properties that have been known to help:

1) Keep the body cool and at the proper temperature.

2) Orally re-hydrate your body, it is an all natural isotonic beverage.

3) Carry nutrients and oxygen to cells.

4) Naturally replenish your body's fluids after exercising.

5) Raise your metabolism.

6) Promote weight loss .

7) Boost your immune system.

8) Control diabetes.

9) Aid your body in fighting viruses that cause the flu.

10) Boost poor circulation.

How to kill bed buds

When it comes to finding the best solution on how to kill bed bugs, the only name you need to think of is Bed Bugs Guide. For years, they have been on the forefront in providing all the necessary information and guidance about bed bud infestation and how to get rid of them. I have heard and read that the methods used are very effective. You won’t regret checking them out. Perhaps you’ll learn something from here too.

New neighbor

Hey honey, you're not gonna like this from our new neighbors. Didn't you say they weren't very friendly. And that one of their hyperactive kids when you caught him peeing on your prize-winning hybrid teas and you chastised him, told you to "go kiss my a**". Well I think his mom and dad are sending us the same message.!!!

Wakakaka!!! I like this picture. Very creative indeed. Can anyone tell me what plant is that? Eh..did you smell fart ?

Great way of losing weight

I met my aunty who came back from England for a holiday. When she left for England two years ago, she was a fat lady. I went to fetch her at the airport and I was taken back when I first saw her and I nearly couldn’t recognize her. She now has a beautiful slim body shape. According to her secrets, she has been taking Phentermine no prescription diet pills to keep her in shape. It is a safe product to consume and most of all lose weight safely, quickly and affordably.

Awesome garden decor

My home garden need a fresh new looks. Recently I’ve been busy cutting and trimming the over-grown grass at the back yard garden. My sister suggested that we should beautify it with some colorful garden decor and accessories instead. There are quite a number of colorful accessories for us to choose from name the Pink flamingo, Nerdy neck set, Solar lily flowers, Dodo birds on a stick and many others. We are delighted to have bought all these items.

Money from the sky

I got this forwarded to me asking me to pass this on to another 6 persons and be rich in 4 days. I have been working for so many years and I still find my bank account in critical level. By just forwarding this chain-mail to another 6 persons I'm getting rich in 4 days? Although I love to have this nice money angel dropping money from sky to my pocket, it is only a fantasy! Where got such thing as getting rich in 4 days? I rather go buy a lottery ticket and hope for it to come out first prize. Muahahaha!


Great gift for Adrian

In another week time, my cousin Adrian is leaving for United Kingdom to further his studies. He is a brilliant young man who likes figures so much. Yes! He is advancing his ACCA accounting in one of the University there. I met him at his farewell party the other day and gave him a beautiful pocket watch and a silk tie as a gift. I’m sure it is a perfect gift for him because it will look nice on his Tuxedos suit.

My dear brother John

Brother John has not been his usual self lately. He has not been eating well and he has not been working for several weeks. We suspected something is wrong with him. When we asked him what’s the matter with him and he admitted that he has been taking drugs just to get high. It all started when he recently joined the drug addicts hanging around the city. We need to find him a good drug rehab center to kick off this bad habit. We’re confident he can do it.

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