Thomas and Uber Cup Final 2008

China woman’s team clinched the Uber Cup 2008 for the six time in a row. They beat team Indonesia 3-0 in the 11th Uber cup final. Overall, the Chinese team is more superior in term of tactic and stamina. World number one Xie Xingfang laid the foundation for China’s triumph when she outplayed Maria Kristin 21-8 in the first game

In the second game, Lilyana Natsir-Vita Marissa of Indonesia gave the Chinese pair Yang Wei-Zhang Jiewen a bit of fight back. Having lost in the first game 15-21, the Indonesia adopted a more aggressive strategy and fought back 21-19 in the second game.

However, the Indonesia ran out of stamina in the third game when the Chinese pair easily score 11-2 mid way through the games before the Indonesia fought back to 15-14.
However, Yang Wei-Jiewen stayed composed and pulled away to win 21-16 and make it 2-0 for China after a 68-minute battle. It was all over when Lu Lan played against Adriyanti Firdasari in the third game. It was an easy win for the Chinese winning it at 21-12 and 21-10 in half hour battle.

Can the Korean do it in the men Thomas cup final tonight against the Chinese men? Remember to watch it LIVE on astro channel 816 at 7 p.m. tonight.

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