Highway 35

Two pensioners are driving on a highway. Their wives are sitting on the back seats. They drive with no more than 35 miles per hour. Soon after, a patrol car followed from behind the car and later stop them.

Policeman: "Why are you driving so slowly?"

Grandpa: "We are driving only 35 because this is highway 35!"

Policeman: "The number of the highway stands in no relationship with the speed limit. But... Why do the two women on the back seats look so frightened? Is everything all right with them?"

Grandpa: "They just look like this because we are coming from highway 160!"

3 Aces:

day-dreamer said...


Jason Leingod said...

haha, old man can drive 160 so keng?

Huei said...


highway 240 is up infront =P

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