When reduce petrol price?

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I hope governtment will quickly discuss petrol issue in the next cabinet meeting to reduce prices. Last time when the price of oil rocketed sky high at USD145 per barrel, our government increased the price of petrol by 78 cents to RM2.70 per litres. When it went down to USD130 per barrel they only reduced petrol price by 15 cents only to RM2.55. This is the current price we consumers are paying currently.

Now that the price of oil is around USD100 per barrel, (Sometime below USD100) why no reduce further? I failed to understand. People like me is on the road everyday and I can't afford it no more. Mr PM, WAKE UP!! faster make your decision lah!

3 Aces:

Jason Leingod said...

yala, our pocket sakit la... >.<

Yinsi Yat said...

[Ichitaka], I saw in 8pm news that gahment has reduced 10 cents lah wei!!!! kakakakaka

Huei said...

onli 10cent reduction..ptuiii!!

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