My favorite online stores

It is a lot easier and fun with online shopping nowadays. People like me who are always on the road most of the time would certainly love to shop online because it saves me valuable time and money. I can get connected any where to my favorite online stores for products I’m looking for all in one place.

I would not bother to compare prices for products I’m looking for because I knew Shopwiki do always offer the lowest prices and can give me detailed information on product I want to buy. Let search for Shimano Bicycles for instance. I’m directed to extensive directory on Shimano bicycles, shoes, pedal and lots more so quick and easy.

I’m also interested in looking into Specialzed Bicycles they has to offer. I can easily get practically anything under one roof. Their Wiki buying guide is just amazing. I can't think of a good reason not to go and check them out right now. I'm pretty sure you'll be happy you took my advice.

Tampon Confusion

An attractive young woman out grocery shopping wheels her cart up to the checkout line, only to realize that she's forgotten one item tampons. An attentive bagboy notices the woman's bemused expression and asks if there's a problem. "Oh, I just forgot to get something important," the woman replies.

The bagboy, eager to assist a pretty customer, politely offers to go and get for her whatever item she's forgotten. Quite embarrassed but in a hurry to leave, the young woman whispers to the bagboy that she needs a box of Tampax . "No problem," he says, "I’ll be right back!"

The young woman is relieved and appreciates the help, as she waits at the register with a line forming behind her. Meanwhile, the bagboy has misunderstood the woman's shyly whispered request, and is now searching for a box of thumbtacks. Eventually he finds the thumbtacks, but is confused by the different choices available. Imagine the young woman's reaction when the bagboy comes trotting back up to the register calling to her "Miss, do you want the kind that you push in, or the kind that you hammer in?"

Awesome light fixtures

It was a busy day helping my friend Itchitaka shift to a new house yesterday. Renovation work to extend the kitchen and bathroom has been completed earlier than they expected. The contractors did a splendid job. It was fast and the furnishing is just awesome. There are 4 rooms at the first floor including the master bed room. Their main duty now is to shop for new light fixtures. His wife is taking care of all the lightings for their new house.

Shopping for kitchen light fixtures and chandeliers is an easy job for Itchitaka’s wife. Last time round, she bought all her home lighting from Farreys and she intends to buy it again from them because they offer all kinds of premier brands from top manufacturers. Moreover, I was told that they are only one who offers wide range of styles and at lowest prices. I believed they are one of the best in offering high quality and top class lightings around.

My buddy Pisang!

AceOne decided to go skiing with his buddy, Pisang. So they loaded up AceOne's mini van and headed up north. After driving for a few hours, they got caught in a terrible heavy rain. So they pulled into a nearby farm and asked the attractive lady who answered the door if they could spend the night.

I realize its terrible weather out there and I have this huge house all to myself, but I'm recently widowed,' she explained. 'I'm afraid the neighbors will talk if I let you stay in my house.'

'Don't worry, AceOne said. We'll be happy to sleep in the barn. And if the weather breaks, we'll be gone at first light. The lady agreed, and the we found our way to the barn and settled in for the night. Come morning, the weather had cleared, and they got on their way They enjoyed a great weekend of skiing.

But about nine months later, AceOne got an unexpected letter from an attorney. It took him a few minutes to figure it out, but he finally determined that it was from the attorney of that attractive widow he had met on the ski weekend. He dropped in on his friend Pisang's house and asked, 'Pisang, do you remember that good-looking widow from the farm we stayed at on our ski holiday up north about 9 months ago?'

Yes, I do.' Said Pisang.

Did you, eeerrrr..., happen to get up in the middle of the night, go up to the house and pay her a visit? Well, um, yes!,' Pisang said, a little embarrassed about being found out, I have to admit that I did. And did you happen to give her my name instead of telling her your name?'

Pisang's face turned beet red and he said, Yeah, look, I'm sorry, buddy. I'm afraid I did.' 'Why do you ask?'

*****She just died and left me Everything. *****


Fashionable sunglasses of the '70s, '80s and '90s

The fashionable sunglasses of the ‘70s ’80s and ’90s are still on trend in today’s world. I’ve seen many of the Hollywood celebrities still wore them at certain functions and parties and they are still on demand. The original Wayfarer sunglasses are one of the examples of eclectic blend of traditional visor shape sunglasses peoples still looking for. It is because the provocative and creative designed suits most of the celebrities’ personality, status and styles. If you are interested, check them out today. There are a large collection of them for you to choose from.

Don't go to the toilet tomorrow

Don't go to the bathroom on October 28th. That is tomorrow. CID intelligence from bukit Aman reports that a major plot is planned for that day. Anyone who takes a poop on the 28th will be bitten on the ass by an alligator. Reports indicate that organized groups of alligators are planning to rise up into unsuspecting toilet bowls and bite them when they are doing their dirty business.

I usually don't like to do this, but I got this information from a reliable source. It came from a friend of a friend whose cousin is dating this girl whose brother knows this guy whose wife has a hairdresser whose husband buys hot-dogs from this guy who knows Ahbeng who sell fish from the local market.

IT Networking System

The company I’m working in presently is a using refurbished product. There is nothing wrong using cannibalized printers and photo stating machines because it is equally as good as the brand new one. Just last week alone our boss had purchased the used cisco IT networking system. All routers, switches, voip phones, network hardware, system equipment and other products are fully tested by the experts. All the equipments are working very well now. Furthermore, we have 90 days warranty for it!

What's for dinner dear?

A concerned husband (Itchitaka) went to a doctor to talk about his wife (Ahlian). He says to the doctor, ''Doctor, I think my wife is deaf because she never hears me the first time and always asks me to repeat things. Well, the doctor replied, I tell you what...go home and tonight stand about 15 feet from her and say something to her. If she doesn't reply then you move about five feet closer and say it again. Keep doing this so that we'll get an idea about the severity of her deafness.

Sure enough, Itchitaka goes home and does exactly as instructed. He starts off about 15 feet from his wife in the kitchen as she is chopping some vegetables and says, ''Honey, what's for dinner tonight ah? He hears no response. He moves about five feet closer and asks again. No reply. He moves five feet closer. Still no reply. He gets fed up and moves right behind her, about an inch away, and asks again, ''Honey, what's for dinner ah?'' Ahlian replies, Niasing! For the fourth time, I'm telling you that we are having vegetable stew!'

Shopping for women

Awesome clothing is what women need in today’s fashion world. Everyday and every minutes of it you will be able to see peoples in the mall shopping. I believed this simple word “shopping” is a magic word for the women. There are others who like to shop online in the web searching for the latest clothing for women to keep up with the latest trends.

Shopwiki is well known for its fashion and life style. This site has many great style and products to choose from which suit in any occasion. You can find quite a number of products ranging from handbags, dresses, blouses, jeans, tank tops, bras, swimsuits, blazers, sleep wear and a whole range of women’s fashion accessories and clothing in this site.

There are special sizes for women’s clothing too because not all woman are of the same size. Some wears size 10 and other wear size 14. Special thanks to talented designers making it possible to have plus size clothes available. Do check out the buying guide for different special sizes. The complete women’s wardrobe looked so brilliant and it is an ideal gift for my sister birthday next week. I don’t find it expensive because it is worth for it quality and style.

Money! Money! Money!

How nice if this money is in Malaysian currency. I'll be billionaire by now. I know it is only a dream come through. However, I can still be many billionaire if I'm in Zimbabwe. I think having Indonesia rupiahs also lose lah!. Hahahaha.

This 500 hundred million note just printed in May 2008. Everybody can have it. Maybe just nice for breakfast. (Equals to USD2)

Everyone is loaded with money!

You see, if you want to buy food in packets, you have to spent at least 10 million.

To buy eggs, you need to spend 6000 million

Let say you want to buy chicken, how many millions do you have to pay?

What about if you want to eat in restaurant? You got to bring bags fill with money! hahahaha

After dining you got to drink, correct a not? You pay this. kekekeke

Assuming you are working in Zimbabwe, you are getting your salary...stand by your rented taxi, ya!

Mom and dad gave this boy his pocket money! hee-hee-hee. Oh gosh! everybody in Zimbabwe are loaded.

Are you struggling to lose weight?

If you have been dieting for a while and the results you have been waiting for is disappointing, it could be possibly the methods and diet supplements you are using now are not suitable for you. Allow me to introduce to you an appetite suppressant called Nuphedragen. It is found to be very effective and has strong scientific background to support its claims. Nuphedragen is one of the top ten best diet pills narrowed down out of hundreds of diet pills in their reviews. Check them out today and I’m sure you’ll see that I’m right.

Two in one grave?

A woman and her little girl were visiting the grave of the little girl's grandmother. On their way through the cemetery back to the car, the little girl asked, "Mommy, do they ever bury two people in the same grave?

Of course not, dear, replied the mother, Why would you think that?

"The tombstone back there said... 'Here lays a lawyer and an honest man'

Gold Medal Wines

I knew dad was a wine drinker. He imported all his wines from overseas. Early last month, my dad and his friends had joined wine of the month club. These wines are of world best because of its high quality and ratings by the national wine publication. Besides that, it has won several major wine competitions.

Since dad joined the club as a member, they have without fail delivered two bottles of outstanding wines right to our doorsteps. I’m beginning to love tasting these wines and might one day join this club too.

Send me far-far away!

I know you are waiting to play this game because you want to kick me far-far away. Now listen here fellers! This is your one and only chance you have to send me to the moon because it won't happen again. So, make it your best shot and record your distance in the comment box below. I bet you can't beat my personal best of 28905 meters. However, there won't be any present for you for doing it! Bwahahahahaha!!!!

If you like, there are other games as well in Pictogame. I hope you will choose the pimples game. Let me poke it for you. I'm expert in poking you know!! hee-hee-hee.

Experience the comfort of Agsi Shoes

I was having breakfast this morning when I overheard the girls at the next table talking about the new arrival of Asgi shoes. They are very excited about it because of its low price guarantee and lifetime return policy. They would like to experience the comfort of Asgi footwear. Furthermore, there are wide selections of latest design of Asgi shoes for them to choose from. I would like to get a pair for my wife too and hope she likes it.

A little advice from granny

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Today's story is about Ahlian. She used to go out dating with her boyfriend Ahbeng very often. Grandma afraid her grand daughter will lose her virginity out of wedlock so granny want to give her some advise lah.

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Granny: Ahlian!...ahlian ...come sit here. I want to give you some advises about young boys.

Ahliani: what about ar?

Granny: If your bf try to kiss you hor...don't let him do that.

Ahlian: Ah por-por, kissing is normal wor!!

Granny: you just listen....if your bf going to try to feel your breast, don't let him do that! if yr bf wan to put his hands between your legs, you don't let him do that , ok?

Ahlian: ok set! ah por-por I will take your advise.

Granny: I not finish yet, ....most importantly if your bf try to get on top of you and have his way on you, you don't let him do that. It will disgrace the yourself. Protect yourself at all times.

Ahlian: Ok..ok.. i remember that. Thanks ah por-por for your advises.

With that bit of advices in mind, ahlian went on her date with her bf ahbeng. The next day she told her granny that her date went just fine.

Granny: So how? Did your bf do anything to you?

Ahlian: Yar! many things happened. He tried to do it but I didn't let him disgraced me. When he tried, I turned him over and tied him and he didn't had the chance to protect himself...then I feel his chess, put my hands between his legs and got on top of him instead and I disgraced him.


Ahlian: Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Knowledge and Skills through reading

We will gain more knowledge and skills through reading. There are all kinds of books for us to read in order to gather more information to improve ourselves. Whether it is computer books, reference books, science books, self improvement textbooks, health, bestsellers fiction or non fictions etc, normally, I would prefer to buy my reading materials online because of it speed and ease of use. Moreover, this website is updated frequently with the latest books and most of the time I’ll pay lesser from the list price because of its cash discounts. More discounts means save more!

Breathing Therapy

The nose has a left and a right side,; we use both to inhale and exhale. Actually they are different, you would be able to feel the difference. Why? Because I was told that the right side of the nostril represents the sun, left side represents the moon.

If you have a headache, try to close your right nose and use your left nose to breathe. In about 5 minutes, your headache will be gone. If you feel tired, just reverse, close your left nose and breathe through your right nose. After a while, you will feel your mind is re-fresh.

Right side belongs to 'hot', so it gets heated up easily, left side belongs to 'cold'. Most females breathe with their left noses, so they get "cooled off" faster.Most of the guys breathe with their right noses, they get worked up. Muahahahaha.

Do you notice the moment we wake up, which side breathes faster? Left or right? If left is faster, you will feel tired. So,close your left nose and use your right nose for breathing, you will get refreshed quickly. This can be taught to kids, but it is more effective when practised by adults.

My friend used to have bad headaches and was always visiting the doctor. There was this period when she suffered headache literally every night, and unable to study. She took painkillers, did not work. She decided to try out the breathing therapy here: closed her right nose and breathed through her left nose. In less than a week, her headaches were gone! She continues the exercise for one month.

This alternative natural therapy without medication is something that she has experienced. So, why not give it a try? You don't have to pay me! Kakakakaka

Report Annoying Phone Calls

Oh my god! Someone is stalking me. I hate it when the phone rings while I’m sleeping. Worst if the phone rings past midnight. Lately, there are several anonymous calls came in at about 2 am in the morning. When I picked up the calls, at the other end the caller wasn’t speaking at all. After several minutes, the caller just hung up the phone. Later, I found out that the number was listed in Report Phone Numbers directory.

What fish is this?

Fishing is one of my favorite hobbies. Surely we will go for fishing trip twice a year. It is not cheap as well. Normally we will hire our boatman from Sungai Besar and it will cost us about RM4,000 for a 3 days 2 night trip. Each of us got to share it out around RM580 including of ice and baits. In my years of fishing out at sea, never before I came across this type of fish in my entire life. It is a very huge fish. Some called it Ribbon fish. My friend who forwarded these pictures to me called it Dragon fish.

Maybe I will get more luck if I see one of this rare fish! hahahaha.

Talk Reviews South Africa

Put away the bookmark and stop wasting time book marking it. is an online top websites with tons of wonderful websites which you might be interested in. You can find and Write a Website Review in your opinion in your backyard with the click of a mouse. And it’s all free! For instance if you would like to share your views in Top South African Website today, your opinions whether good or bad will be a true reflection of its strengths and shortcomings.

Hamsap Beng

Ahbeng wanted to have sex with a girl in his office, but she belonged to someone else already. One day, Ahbeng got so frustrated that he went up to her and said, 'I'll give you a $100 if you let me screw you. But the girl said NO.

Ahbeng said, 'I'll be fast. I'll throw the money on the floor, you bend down, and I'll be finished by the time you pick it up. She thought for a moment and said that she would have to consult her boyfriend... So she called her boyfriend and told him the story. Her boyfriend says, 'Ask him for $200, pick up the money very fast, he won't even be able to get his pants down.'

So she agrees and accepts the proposal. Half an hour goes by, and the boyfriend is waiting for his girlfriend to call. Finally, after 45 minutes, the boyfriend calls and asks what happened. She responded, Niamahfulatt!! The bastard used coins!'

Great website reviews

Are you tired of book marking your entire favorite websites in your browser? I’m sure there is a long list of them in your bookmark by now. Here is a short cut. When you’re looking for top websites, then talk is the place worth looking at because all the top User Website Reviews are listed in this website. Furthermore, you may also find information about page rank, alexa rank, detailed traffic stat about every websites in many countries and much more. You may also be interested in sharing your valuable opinion whether it is negative or positive in the review form.

Lie detector robot

One day Ahbeng's bought a robot. The robot was special in that it could detect a lie and would slap the person who lied on the face. Ahbeng's son (Ahhuat) returned late from school that day and his dad asked him, "Son why are you late from school?".

Ahhuat answered, "Dad we had extra classes today". Much to his astonishment the Robot jumped up and slapped Ahhuat on his face. His dad told him, this robot is special in that he can detect a lie and will then slap the person who lied now come on tell me the truth, " Why are you late?"

"Dad I went to my friend's house."

Which friend?


Splatt... Ahhuat got a tight slap on the face from the robot. "No dad honestly I went for the movie with my girl friend."

"Shame on you son when I was your age I never used to watch movies after school." Splatt, the dad gets a tight slap on the face from the robot. Hearing all this, Ahlian comes walking out of the kitchen saying, "After all he is your son, he will be like you".

The robot steps up and gives a resounding slap on Allian face. get that story?

Air Mattress Guide

I can’t believe it when my brother invites me to join him and his friends for a camping trip at Port Dickson. I wouldn’t want to wake up having back pain unless there they provide me with a comfortable air mattress to sleep. Knowing me very well that I would prefer to sleep on my own bed at home. So what say you guys go for inflatable air mattress shopping today?

Name your Proton MPV

Proton will soon launch its MPV model come next year March 2009. I heard in the radio that there is a contest going on for all Malaysian to take part in this contest, that is give a name to the new Proton MPV. Have any one of you join this contest yet?

Last time I don't remember taking part in naming any one of the SAGA, SATRIA, WIRA, JUARA, PERDANA and WAJA. This is round I hope to win in this contest. I'm naming it Proton PENDEKAR. What do you think? Can a not ah?

Accused Of Old Age

Have you been guilty of looking at others your own age and thinking... surely I cannot look that old? You may enjoy this short story.

While waiting for my first appointment in the reception room of a new dentist, I noticed his certificate, which bore his full name. Suddenly, I remembered that a tall, handsome boy with the same name had been in my high school class some 30 years ago. Upon seeing him, however, I quickly discarded any such thought. This balding, gray-haired man with the deeply lined face was way too old to have been my classmate.

After he had examined my teeth, I asked him if he had attended the local high school. "Yes," he replied. "When did you graduate?" I asked. He answered, "In 1987. Why?" "You were in my class!" I exclaimed. He looked at me closely, and then the son of a bitch asked, "What did you teach?"

Inmate - Prison Inmate Search

Some three months ago, a thief broke into my home while I was away on holiday. Luckily, my neighbor saw that incident and immediately made a 911 call. Thank god the police responded promptly and arrested the suspect. I wondered if the suspect had been convicted and sentenced to jail. I checked online with the kentucky inmate search database records and found out what I needed to know. The system here is just awesome.


In the 16th and 17th centuries, everything had to be transported by ship and it was also before commercial fertilizer's invention, so large shipments of manure were common.

It was shipped dry, because in dry form it weighed a lot less than when wet, but once water (at sea) hit it, not only did it become heavier, but the process of fermentation began again, of which a by product is methane gas. As the stuff was stored below decks in bundles you can see what could (and did) happen.

Methane began to build up below decks and the first time someone came below at night with a lantern, BOOOOM! Several ships were destroyed in this manner before it was determined
just what was happening !

After that, the bundles of manure were always stamped with the term "Ship High In Transit" on them, which meant for the sailors to stow it high enough off the lower decks so that any water that came into the hold would not touch this volatile cargo and start the production of

Thus evolved the term "S.H.I.T " , (Ship High In Transit) which has come down through the centuries and is in use to this very day. You probably did not know the true history of this word.
Neither did I...

I had always thought it was a golf term!

Inmate - CountyJailRecords

I was chatting online with Linda a moment ago in Yahoo messenger. She told me that her brother had not returned home for a year now and she is afraid that her brother had done something wrong against the law and landed in jail. Immediately, I advised her to check it with the County jail records database. It is a big database which store full federal jail records of inmates across America. Obtaining free jail records information from the search engine is so quick and easy.

The contractor

A woman wants the inside of her house painted and she calls a
contractor in to help her. They wander around the house, and she points out the colors she wants. She says, "Now, in the living room, I'd like to have a neutral beige, very soft and warm." The contractor nods, pulls out his pad of paper and writes on it. Then he goes to the window, leans out and yells, "Green side up!" The woman is most perplexed but she lets it slide.

They wander into the next room. She says, "In the dining room I'd like a light white, not stark, but very bright and airy." The contractor nods, pulls out his pad of paper and writes on it. Then he goes to the window, leans out, and yells "Green side up"! The woman is even more perplexed but still lets it slide.

They wander further into the next room. She says, "In the bedroom, I'd like blue. Restful, peaceful, cool blue." The contractor nods, pulls out his pad of paper and writes on it. Then once more he goes to the window, leans out and yells "Green side up"! This is too much. The woman has to ask. So she says, "Every time I tell you a color, you write it down, but then you yell out the window 'Green side up.' What on earth does that mean?"

The contractor shakes his head and says, "I have four blondes laying sod across the street."

Inmate - Federal Inmate Records

Would you believe me I say that you are now able to find information of Federal inmate records and many other vital records document you desire by just a mouse click? Sound impossible? It’s actually not. Whether you are looking for kentucky inmate search by City or County, they can locate all the information you want easily and quickly by just using the search engine. The dedicated database is large enough to keep all these information in one place.

Smart cars

My friends told me that I'm one of the odds one to have one of these smart cars on our Malaysian roads. He told me this is only for the rich and famous to drive such cars. I disagree with that statement. Who knows I strike lottery tomorrow and get one of these car to show him just to prove a point. Hahahaha. Anyway, I really do love such cars. What about you? If you have the money, do you intend to buy one?

The Smorvette

The Smamborghini

The Smaudi A3 AWD

The Smorsche

The Smorsche Targa

The Smerrari

Death Certificate Search

Little did I know of that there is this services whereby one can easily find or do a search on death certificates in most states of the USA with just a mouse click. This online public Nationwide death certificate search had help thousands of peoples locate death certificate of their loves one. I came to know this today from Jason who is in the United States searching for his great grand father death certificate. I’m glad that he got the free death records he is looking for all this while.

Free Sex Contestants

Two men, AhChong and AhBeng drove to a gas station for a fill-up because they heard about a contest being offered by the station to patrons who purchase a full tank of petrol. When they went inside to pay, the men asked the attendant about the contest.

"If you win, you're entitled to free sex," said the attendant.

AhChong: How do we enter?

"Well, I'm thinking of a number between 1-10, if you guess right, you win free sex."

AhChong: O.K. I guess 7,

"Sorry, I was thinking of 8," replied the attendant. "Come back soon and try again"

The next week, the two men returned to the same station to get petrol. When they went inside to pay, AhBeng asked the attendant if the contest was still going on.

"Sure," replied the attendant. "I'm thinking of a number between 1-10, if you guess right. You win free sex."

AhBeng: I'll guess number "2"

"Sorry, I was thinking of 3," replied the attendant. "Come back soon and try again."

As they walked back to the car, AhChong said to AhBeng,"You know, I'm beginning to think this contest is rigged."

"No way," said the AhBeng. "My wife won twice last week."

I'm inhaling second hand smoke!

The air around us in the office is currently very bad. The office needs air cleaner immediately. Inconsiderate staffs are smoking in their own work station while doing their work. Can you imagine that inhaling second hand smoke can cause us cancers? Besides that my colleagues always complained to me that her eyes get irritated due to her allergy with smoke. In our next staff meeting, surely I’ll bring this up to their attention to stop smoking.

Bad times

I really must say that times are really bad nowadays. My business is very bad. My phone is not ringing for a week already. I don't know how and what to do. Peoples are keeping their money intact and not spending as they usually do. I got one miserable call from a client this morning asking me to deliver 4 pcs of HP inkjet printer ink to his office in Puchong. The profit from this sales can't even cover my travelling expenses i.e. petrol and tolls. Sigh!! What shall I do?

New Frames Have Arrived At Zenni Optical

All 4 of us in the family are wearing spectacles. I don’t know if it is due to inherited from our great grand-father or not. When I was a little, my mum used to tell me not to stay too closed while watching television. I have been wearing spectacles for quite a number of years already. I made it a point to check my vision every year at my optometrist and do change my glasses and frame regularly. I have kept quite a number of good eyeglasses with high quality frames in my cupboard. Lately, I have heard from friends talking about the Fox Newx TV and a popular Clark Howard show that they recommended Zenni Optical because peoples will be able to get their high quality and stylish prescription eyeglasses and case for only $8 and they are still giving this amazing deals.

It is learned that Zenni’s are able to offer low prices because one of their secret is that they sell their own manufactured frames directly to customers like us with no middlemen involved and virtually no advertising budget. It is indeed great news for me! I’m taking this opportunity to add in a few more new frames from Zenni. I would say there are quite a huge selection of frames for me to choose from besides other products like the single vision lens, sun sensor (potochromic) lens, tinted sunglasses lens, bifocal lens and progressive lens.

How to know if the milk products made in China or Taiwan

It saddened me when I read in the newspaper that milk powdered from China or Taiwan contained melamine and had affected thousand of peoples around the world. Many countries have stopped importing melamine-tainted dairy products from China. I have also seen in world news that those factories producing these melamine milk powdered had been ban and shut down.

Many supermarkets had withdrawn these milk powdered from their shelf and if you do see it somewhere you really got to check where the things are produced. Here at AceOne118 teaches you how to differentiate Taiwan made products and China made products by looking at the first 3 digits of its Bar code.

If the 1st 3 digits are 690, 691 or 692 - China made

If the 1st 3 digits are 471 – Taiwan made

Are you choosing the right diet pills?

If you have been dieting for some time now and the desire results you are hoping for doesn’t show results, it is possibly that you have been cheated with fake diet pills. As far as I know, there are quite a number of inferior diet supplement floating in the market.

However, at, they do sent their diet pills for analysis so that there is a comparison between products and certain rating or rank is given on the effectiveness of the products. True enough that they have been rated to be the best and without any or little side effects.

Short Jokes to share with you

I'm away from home and doing this in cybercafe. Here just a short jokes to share with you.

1) One day, Condom says to Kotex, 'When you work, I lose seven days of business.'
Kotex replies, 'If you fail to work once, my business stops for nine months

2) A black guy and a white girl met at a nite club. She took him to her apartment and said: 'tie me to the bed and do what black men do best!' so black guy ran off with the TV and VCD.

3) Wife says to her husband... 'I wish I were a newspaper, so you can hold me every morning!'
Husband replies: 'I wish you're a newspaper TOO, my dear so I can have a NEW ONE
every morning!

Be back on Saturday! Bai-bai!!

Phone Lookup Investigator

Using the telephone is an easy way of communicating with each other. However, sometimes we do received unwanted calls be it from telemarketers, debt collector agencies, prank calls and the worst is harassing phone calls.

I found an awesome website whereby you can Report Who Called You and help stop all these nonsense. Report all unwanted phone call numbers and you may also comments in it so that other will be kept alert. Check out the entire directory of unwanted phone numbers and you can't believe it there are so many of them.

Game Show

Once upon a time on a beautiful Sunday morning, Ahlian was listening to the radio. At that time, there was a contest going on Air. The DJ invite all listeners to call-in to the station and answer several questions and get a free 3 days 2 nite stay at Palace of the Golden Horse Hotel. Ahlian quickly pick up the phone and got through......

DJ : Good morning. This is Morning FM and do you want to play a game?

Ahlian : Yeah, that why I called!

DJ : Good. It is a simple game. When I say something, you have to give an answer that is opposite to what I have said. For example, when I say Sharp, you have to answer Blunt. OK?

Ahlian : OK, set.

DJ : Sun
Ahlian : Moon

DJ : Black
Ahlian: White

DJ : Tall
Ahlian : Short

DJ : Dog
Ahlian : Cat

DJ : Man
Ahlian : Woman

DJ : Cock
Ahlian: CHIBAI !!!

Radio station complete silence!

Useful infomation about Sexual Predators

Violent crime like kidnapping, murder, rape, extortion and many others is on the rise lately. Each time I flip out the newspapers to read, surely there are bound to have rape cases. Some of them are caught and the others still at large. We do not want to have violent in our neighborhood.

Ladies, you can search for complete information about Sexual Predators in your neighborhood by just entering the zip code. All information about the sexual offenders is displayed. Megan’s Law is a federal bill to keep the public informed about sexual offenders and their whereabouts.

Selamat Hari Raya

I would like to wish all my Muslim readers a "Selamat Hari Raya AidilFitri". Enjoy your holidays! If you are driving back to your hometown to celebrate Hari Raya, do drive carefully. It is better late than never reach your destination.

There are free coffee at Petronas gas station. If you feel tired, take a short rest. I'll be going down to Port Dickson to look-see-look see. What about you? kekekeke

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