Awesome light fixtures

It was a busy day helping my friend Itchitaka shift to a new house yesterday. Renovation work to extend the kitchen and bathroom has been completed earlier than they expected. The contractors did a splendid job. It was fast and the furnishing is just awesome. There are 4 rooms at the first floor including the master bed room. Their main duty now is to shop for new light fixtures. His wife is taking care of all the lightings for their new house.

Shopping for kitchen light fixtures and chandeliers is an easy job for Itchitaka’s wife. Last time round, she bought all her home lighting from Farreys and she intends to buy it again from them because they offer all kinds of premier brands from top manufacturers. Moreover, I was told that they are only one who offers wide range of styles and at lowest prices. I believed they are one of the best in offering high quality and top class lightings around.

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