Game Show

Once upon a time on a beautiful Sunday morning, Ahlian was listening to the radio. At that time, there was a contest going on Air. The DJ invite all listeners to call-in to the station and answer several questions and get a free 3 days 2 nite stay at Palace of the Golden Horse Hotel. Ahlian quickly pick up the phone and got through......

DJ : Good morning. This is Morning FM and do you want to play a game?

Ahlian : Yeah, that why I called!

DJ : Good. It is a simple game. When I say something, you have to give an answer that is opposite to what I have said. For example, when I say Sharp, you have to answer Blunt. OK?

Ahlian : OK, set.

DJ : Sun
Ahlian : Moon

DJ : Black
Ahlian: White

DJ : Tall
Ahlian : Short

DJ : Dog
Ahlian : Cat

DJ : Man
Ahlian : Woman

DJ : Cock
Ahlian: CHIBAI !!!

Radio station complete silence!

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Happy holidays, Yinsi.

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