Money! Money! Money!

How nice if this money is in Malaysian currency. I'll be billionaire by now. I know it is only a dream come through. However, I can still be many billionaire if I'm in Zimbabwe. I think having Indonesia rupiahs also lose lah!. Hahahaha.

This 500 hundred million note just printed in May 2008. Everybody can have it. Maybe just nice for breakfast. (Equals to USD2)

Everyone is loaded with money!

You see, if you want to buy food in packets, you have to spent at least 10 million.

To buy eggs, you need to spend 6000 million

Let say you want to buy chicken, how many millions do you have to pay?

What about if you want to eat in restaurant? You got to bring bags fill with money! hahahaha

After dining you got to drink, correct a not? You pay this. kekekeke

Assuming you are working in Zimbabwe, you are getting your salary...stand by your rented taxi, ya!

Mom and dad gave this boy his pocket money! hee-hee-hee. Oh gosh! everybody in Zimbabwe are loaded.

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pisang goreng 115,NF said...

glad lor live in zimb.....buck...wei..

thief oso dun wan to rob if saw that kind of money...

waka ka ka ka ka ka ka ka

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