Tampon Confusion

An attractive young woman out grocery shopping wheels her cart up to the checkout line, only to realize that she's forgotten one item tampons. An attentive bagboy notices the woman's bemused expression and asks if there's a problem. "Oh, I just forgot to get something important," the woman replies.

The bagboy, eager to assist a pretty customer, politely offers to go and get for her whatever item she's forgotten. Quite embarrassed but in a hurry to leave, the young woman whispers to the bagboy that she needs a box of Tampax . "No problem," he says, "I’ll be right back!"

The young woman is relieved and appreciates the help, as she waits at the register with a line forming behind her. Meanwhile, the bagboy has misunderstood the woman's shyly whispered request, and is now searching for a box of thumbtacks. Eventually he finds the thumbtacks, but is confused by the different choices available. Imagine the young woman's reaction when the bagboy comes trotting back up to the register calling to her "Miss, do you want the kind that you push in, or the kind that you hammer in?"

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