Foreigners Invasion

Previously, my place here the night market on Saturday are full of local residents taking a slow walk and when ever I'm at the night market, surely I'll met someone I known. Some are seen bargaining prices with the local traders at the fish stalls other are bargaining prices at the fruits stall.

Nowadays, I seen less and less of the local folks are less interested at night market. Most probably, it is because the whole street is occupied by "Bangla". They often travel in groups. Crime rate here is slowly increasing at a slow pace but manageable. One day, I think this night market will be concurred by the foreigners. I'm not surprised because the hawkers center in Kepong are full of Myanmars. Each and every eating stalls are occupied by them. I think about 90% of the eating stalls are concurred by them already. The foods are hopeless! Tiu!!!

1 Aces:

pisang goreng 115,NF said...

damn kaw we la......
wan job easy but money high high

last time factory conquer by us
now by foreigner.....

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