Getting slow internet connection really sucks!

Getting slow internet connection is really a pain in the neck. I failed to understand why TM Nut TMNet is unable to provide good internet connection for the community. At times, the line is just got hang or cut off. I wondered if you have this problem.

They are making millions in term of profit and yet the services are just lousy. Their maintenance up grade all these while is gets no where in providing good and fast internet connections. What happened? Buck up.

Oops… I forgot they are the cheapest around at the moment. Muahahahaha!!!!!

2 Aces:

pisang goreng 115,NF said...

that oni we can afford lor.
khi khi khi khi

Anonymous said...

Cheapest? I don't think so. Singapore broadband speed @ 512 kbps already FOC here have to pay RM66 per month... Not to mention the price comparison between their broadband packages.

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