Gong Xi Fa Cai 2009

AceOne118 would like to wish all my friends and readers a very Happy Chinese New Year 2009. It is the year of the Ox. Lunar New Year or the Spring is one of the traditional Chinese holidays. It is celebrated on the first day of the month of the Chinese calender.

A reunion dinner is held on Chinese New Year's Eve where members of the family, near and far get together for celebrations. Traditionally, red packets are passed out during the Chinese New Year's celebration. Hope you'll get lots of it.

Chinese New Year is celebrated with firecrackers (which is ban in Malaysia by the goverment now). Who want to be a "yee ng chai" go and report to the authorities and get 10% of the saman? Wait I come and burnt 9 your house!! Typically the game of mahjong is also played besides the Black Jack and 3 cards (Sam Cheong). Who want to play mahjong? Come..come..!!!

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingAceOne118 wishing you all 'Kung Hei Fatt Choy' (Prosperity). Every day also yat yat fatt!! , 'San Tai Kin Hong' (Good Health), 'Sang Yee Hing Loong' , (Good Business) Man Si Yue Yi' (Smooth Sailing) in whatever you do. 'Sam Siong Si Sing', 'Po Po Ko Sing' (Promotion), Enjoy your holidays.

Wokeh, kau tim! Sau kung jor la wei!!!!

One stop shopping experience

Whenever I wanted to shop for Men’s Accessories, normally I would like to login to my favorite revolutionary online store. This website is very convenient to me because each time I wanted to buy something I’ll manage to get it at Shopwiki. Beside the low prices they had to offer, there are thousands of products from every store for me to choose from making it a one stop shopping experience.

Jewelry and watches
are top in my shopping list for this up and coming Lunar Chinese New Year. I would like to surprise my brothers and sisters with these awesome gifts. I’m very sure that these items are of latest style and fashion.

All the sunglasses looked so tempting and so many good quality brands like Oakleys, Bolles, Ray Bans, Armanis and much more. After much thought, I have settled for a pair of Ray Bans. Check them out the next time you need anything. I can assure you that you can find practically anything from here and I promise you won't be disappointed.

Things you needed to know

1) If you ever catch on fire, try to avoid seeing yourself in the mirror. It is because that will REALLY throw you into a panic.

2) If you go flying back through time and you see somebody else flying forward into the future, always avoid eye contact.

3) Don't drink and think because if you ever reach total enlightenment while you're drinking a beer, beer will probably shoot out your nose.

4) Sometimes you have to march right in and demand your rights, even if you don't know what your rights are, or who the person is you're talking to. Then on the way out, slam the door.

5) Life is an endless struggle, full of frustrations and challenges, but eventually you find a hair stylist you like.

6) The real art of conversation is not only to say the right thing in the right place, but also to leave unsaid the wrong thing at the tempting moment.

Fat burners that really works

I just found out that top fat burners are gaining popularity as more and more people are getting conscious about their health and appearances. But how do you find out which one really works? You need not search elsewhere other that fatburner.net because you can find all the necessary information about what are the ingredients included and the effects they will bring to their body system in the diet pills that you are planning to try. It's really works and clinically proven.

The perfect illusionist.

Today is a boring day I must say. Nothing much to do at this point of time at 12.15 am. The sheriff is not looking for me to do any assignments at the moment! I was watching this video just now and would like to share it with you guys. This guy is very good with his magic. A perfect illusionist indeed. How did he managed to do it? Click video to watch it yourself. Can you tell me how he did it. There is no camera trick!

Welcome year 2009


There were many, many times of last year when I may have disturbed you, troubled you, pestered you, irritated you, bugged you, or got on your nerves with all my posts. So today I AceOne118 just wanted to wish you a very Happy New Year 2009.


Tough Shit!

There are no changes scheduled for 2009!

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